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San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International Celebrates its 5th Year!

Join us at City Hall!


Glam SF

San Francisco City Hall

An Affiliate event to the
Global Climate Action Summit!


Glam SF

It’s a CELEBRATION of Change Makers and Conscious Communities!

  Green Glam SF is an environmental movement celebration uniting all sustainable industries, global leaders, integrative health practitioners, transformational leaders, conscious citizens, and all communities with the commitment to environmental preservation and the health of future generations.

Organized and Produced by:

San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International

iGreen Media Group

San Francisco Sustainable  Fashion Week International

SFSFWI celebrates its 5th year!  
Sustainable Fashion Show at the Green Glam SF!


Green Glam SF is an environmental movement celebration uniting all sustainable industries, global leaders, conscious citizens, integrative health, transformational leaders and all communities with the commitment to environmental preservation and the health of future generations.

How did we get to here?

Sandra Hanns is a humble and a resilient leader that has brought her life to the commitment to inform people on the importance of  exercising our purchasing power, as a green society, in support of the green movement for the future of life on the planet.

She is the Co-Founder of Earth Day San Francisco Festival [EDSF 2010.] And it was there that, her learning curve began. She moderated panels about the health of women and product toxicity. She invited youth organizations working on peace and sustainability to have a voice at EDSF. And, she became part of a community that had so much to offer in their message.

Her passion for informing and engaging with people in what matters, Mother Earth and the health of families, took center stage in her life.

After EDSF started, she created iGreen Media Group [iGMG] with the commitment to create and promote content that made a difference in people’s lives. She published the iGreenWoman digital magazine and produce iGreenTV.  Later, Sandra expanded the conversation to take on one of the world’s largest environmental polluters, impacting human beings and the planet, after the oil industry: The Fashion Industry.

In 2014, San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International was created providing a platform to those in the sustainable fashion industry to meet, educate the public and celebrate sustainability!

All of us working to conserve life on Earth also share a profound respect for people. Labor justice & people’s safety in a chemical-free working environment is an added awareness in the work she brings.
She has partnered with Fashion Revolution and Ethical Fashion Forum to bring the educational aspect of the fashion industry to audiences. ​

SFSFWI encourages people to exercise the purchasing power and support the green movement & the nonprofits working on different initiatives.
SFSFWI is a unique organization educating the public and supporting the sustainable fashion industry about the difference they can make by choosing sustainable Apparel Brands and chemical-free cosmetics.

​Since 2014, the Green Glam SF has become a signature event that provides a place for green fashion icons to showcase their collections at a fun evening that calls for community and unity.

This year, the Green Glam SF expands calling all those supporting the green movement!  United as one strong community, we come together having a PRESENCE not only for what we do but also for WHO WE ARE in the matter.


San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International is proud to announce that the Green Glam SF became an Official Affiliated event of the Global Climate Action Summit 2018.   #GCAS2018

Business owners, CEOs, Innovators, Nonprofits, Visionaries, Educators and all people envisioning a People over Profits will attend the first of its kind at City Hall at a time that calls for ACTION in a thriving future co-created by all.

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